Inspection FAQ’s

Is an inspection right for me?
Independent inspection can support the resolution of disputes between suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, retailers, installers and consumers – Any of whom can instruct BiKBBI to carry out the service. It is a very formal proceeding that should only be considered if the matter cannot be resolved between the parties first.

Before you consider an inspection, you may want to read our practical advice on dealing with disputes first.

Note that we only inspect installed kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.

How much does an inspection cost?

Inspections start at £250, although the price depends on the complexity of the issue(s) that we’ve been instructed to comment upon – also if we’re being asked to inspect more that one room.

If the inspection requires specialist testing (ie. gas or electrical), the price will increase – but this will be agreed before the inspection (so there will be no hidden costs).

In addition to the inspection fee, we charge 45 pence per mile for travel, plus the cost of any tolls, congestion charging and parking.

In certain circumstances a follow up inspection may be needed. If this is the case, a repeat inspection fee will be applicable.

All prices are subject to VAT at the standard rate – The British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installation is VAT registered, VAT registration number: 941 5901 25 GB.

Who pays for the inspection?
Inspections are paid for by the party making the request.

In certain circumstances the cost for inspection may be recoverable from the party responsible for the issue(s), but we suggest you take legal advice on this matter, before committing to costs.

Inspections are paid for in advance and are non-refundable and subject to our Terms & Conditions.

What's the process for requesting an inspection?
If you believe an inspection is right for you, you should make an application online. This application is both free and without obligation.

  • Online application is submitted;
  • BiKBBI review and provide a formal quotation;
  • If you’re happy to proceed, you will contact to confirm acceptance;
  • We will produce an invoice;
  • You will make payment by calling 01268 412 457.

At this point we will appoint an inspector, who will contact you directly to make an appointment to inspect. We aim to undertake the inspection within 10 working days from the point of payment.

When will the inspection take place?
Our inspector will make contact to arrange a suitable day and time to carry out the inspection. Inspections usually take place during normal office hours (9am – 5pm, Monday-Friday, excluding public holidays).

If you require an inspection outside these times, additional charges may apply, but this will be discussed with the inspector before the appointment.

All payments are made to BiKBBI in advance of the inspection. Inspectors will neither request or accept payments themselves.

How long will the inspection take?
This is very much dependent on the complexity of the issues we’re being asked to inspect.

On average, inspections take between 60-90 minutes.

What preparation is needed prior to the inspectors arrival?

Safe access to the property must be provided and the area clear and free from obstruction.

If the inspector believes that provisions have not been made, he/she reserves the right to refuse the inspection.

Pets should be locked away in another part of the property.

Children and vulnerable adults should be supervised at all times during the inspection.

What is the format of the inspection?
Our inspector will arrive at your home around 5 minutes prior to the inspection.

Upon arrival, he / she will present an ID card confirming their position with us.

The inspector may want to clarify points, but will commence the inspection.

Can I ask the inspector questions during the inspection?
Unfortunately not. Our inspectors are instructed not to comment on his/her findings as this may have a negative effect on any future legal proceedings. In essence, it is a good idea to allow the inspector to focus on the job in hand.
Will the inspector provide any feedback at the end of the inspection?

Details of the inspection will be delivered within the report.

Who do I contact if I have any questions after the inspection?
You must not contact the inspector.

All contact must be directed to our inspection team: / 01268 412 457.

When will I receive my report?
Your report will be digitally delivered within 10 working days following the inspection.
What format will my report be delivered?
The report will be delivered in PDF (.pdf) format, together with any supporting appendixes. This will not be editable as it is a official witness statement.
What will my report include?

Our reports are formatted and presented in a way that is compliant to Part 35 of The Civil Procedure Rules.

The inspection and subsequent report is based upon the instruction. We will only report on items detailed within the application, so ensure you take care to include as much detail as possible when completing the submission.


They include:

  • An overview of the complaint(s)
  • Details of the inspectors credentials
  • Case history
  • The points we have been asked to inspect
  • The findings of the inspection
  • An overview of suggested remedial (rectification) work required
  • A summary conclusion
  • A declaration of truth
  • Photographic evidence to corroborate the report (in appendix format)
What will not be included within my report?

Our reports will  not include testing of electrical, gas or water systems – unless otherwise stated in the original quotation.

It will not include any financials / costs to resolve the issues. It will indicate estimated hours to complete such work, but not a monetary value.

The report will not be a ‘how-to-guide’ to resolve any issues.

Can I ask for any amendments to the report?
It depends. If there are any factual errors, spelling or grammatical errors, then of course we’ll be happy to amend.

We will not make any changes if you disagree with the reports content.

What do I do with my report?
Reports can be used in a number of ways:

  • To support an amicable resolution with the other party
  • To use in a legal case
  • To support Ombudsman involvement
If the matter goes to court, can I use my report and what involvement will BiKBBI take?

The reports are produced in a way that are permitted in a court of law. The report should be presented to the court as early as possible – but do seek legal advice when considering a legal intervention.

Our inspector may be called to court, but this will be a legal instruction and subject to additional court attendance fees (which will be assigned by the court).

Is my report sent to anyone else?

Reports are handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy and in the strictest of confidence.

We may use data within the report to provide statistics on our service to third parties, but this will not include any reference to specific contact details, including names, addresses, parties and specific circumstances.

I'm happy to proceed. What next?
It is important that you understand our Terms & Conditions before making an online submission.

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