Encountering problems

The installation of kitchens, bedrooms & bathrooms is complex, with many areas vulnerable to unforeseen complications.

The key to overcoming installation problems is simple. Creating and maintaining a good working relationship with your installer and working together to overcome the issues as a team.



  • Delays to the start of installation
  • Delays in completing the project
  • Product damaged or missing from delivery
  • Design issues preventing completion
  • Unforeseen structural complications

What happens if you encounter a problem?


  • Stay calm, polite and reasonable throughout
  • Be clear with the installer as to why you’re unsatisfied
  • Produce a written itemised list and work through each entry one-by- one
  • Tackle the problem in bite sized portions – one point at a time
  • If you purchased the install via a retailer, contact them for assistance
  • Document all contact, agreements and communication

But first and foremost:


Independent support is available…