Member Benefits

Why join The British Institute of KBB Installation?

Here’s a few reasons why businesses should consider joining the UK’s largest independent network of kitchen,
bedroom and bathroom installation specialists:

Professional status

Professional status via accreditation, confirmed with an ID card, certificate & vehicle signage.

Commercial cost savers

Access to a wide range of discounted products and services for your business, including tools & materials and fuel.

Events & awards

Attend a number of events and be included within industry awards in recognition of installation excellence.


Installer magazine subscription

Receive our quarterly digital publication, The Installer Magazine, with news, views, updates and offers.

Members website

Access to the central hub for your BiKBBI membership, including forums, shops and our download centre.

Training & development

Tailored training & development opportunities for members, including CPD & apprenticeships.


Compliance Support

Supporting our members to manage their legal compliance requirements via document management.

Legal Guidance

Helping members to understand their responsibilities and how they comply with ever changing legal responsibilities.


News & Technical

Daily, weekly & monthly news bullitins & technical updates, as well as via our members website.


Financial services

Providing members access to inclome protection, insurance products, warranties & payment processing.

Links to new customers

Via our consumer find-a-member directory and introductions to other businesses seeking installers.

Business support

To help members maintain or grow their business, including marketing, coaching & via specialist consultancy.

Plus a few more reasons to join:



Whether members are in dispute with customers or perhaps the retailers they work with, BiKBBI helps to resolve conflict with sound and impartial advice and guidance.


Professional Representation

Representing our members at government level, ensuring installers and our part of the industry has a voice at the very highest level. A collective voice influences policy at the highest level.


Onsite inspection

Access to our onsite inspection facility, providing members and their customers with independent reporting, dignostics and resolution pathways.

Do you meet our criteria?