Membership Criteria

Minimum 3 years experience installing kitchens / bedrooms / bathrooms.

Eligibility to work in The United Kingdom, without restriction.
No record of unspent criminal conviction.
Maintain Public Liability Insurance, with a minimum of £2m indemnity cover.
Be registered as or sub-contract to a compliant electrician.
Be registered as or sub-contract to a Gas Safe Registered engineer (kitchens).
Meet Health & Safety Executive regulation relating to Asbestos Awareness.
Agree to undertake annual Continual Professional Development (CPD).
Agree to BiKBBI Terms & Conditions of Membership.
Agree to abide by BiKBBI Members Code of Conduct.
Agree to work within BiKBBI Standards & Guidelines.
Agree to abide by Dispute Resolution Services provided by BiKBBI.

The application process

How the application process works

The application process is split over three stages:

Applicants complete a simple online application which takes less than 3 minutes to complete. You will not need payment information, nor will you need any documents – Just your contact information.

A member of our team will make contact within 2 business days to take payment in accordance with our membership fees. All you need at this point is a credit or debit card for payment over the phone, but if you would prefer to make a payment online, our team can send you a link to our WorldPay checkout.

Once payment is received, we’ll send you a link for you to submit your full application – to include our online document portal. This portal allows us to manage applications securely and efficiently. See below for the information we’ll need.

Once we’ve completed our checks, membership will be granted and you will receive an email with details of your new membership number and expiry date. Shortly after you will receive your membership welcome pack by post, to include your membership certificate, ID card and  van sticker.

Three Customer References
Applicants must submit details of three customer references for work completed over the last 12 months.

Reference information required:

  • Their full name; and
  • Their email address.

References must:

  • Be from genuine customers for whom your business has worked for;
  • Be willing to receive a site inspection.

We recommend applicants seek permission from their customers before submitting details to BiKBBI as part of the application.

HMRC Documentation
Applicants must submit evidence of their registration with HM Revenue & Customs. Documents accepted:

  • CIS Card; or
  • HMRC Official Paperwork; or
  • UTR Number on your accountants headed paper.

Not accepted:

  • Emails from HMRC;
  • Payslips.
Certificate of Incorporation (if LTD / LLP / PLC)
The following businesses must provide their certificate of incorporation issued by Companies House:

  • Limited (LTD)
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  • Public Limited Company (PLC)

Sole traders do not need to submit to this criteria.

Formal Identification
Applicants must submit one of the following forms of formal identification.

The document must be valid at the time of application:

  • Passport (ID page); or
  • Driving Licence (Photocard); or
  • National Identity Card (Photocard).

We do not accept:

  • Any other form of identification.
Applicants must submit a passport quality photograph for each installer proposed for membership.

The photograph must be:

  • A head shot of passport quality;
  • Against a blank background.

The photograph:

  • Can be taken on a smart phone or photo booth;
  • Must show the full face, straight on;
  • Must not include sunglasses or headwear.
  • Will be used for your official BiKBBI Licence Card.
DBS Certificate (Basic Disclosure)
In accordance with The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (1974), applicants must submit a Certificate of Basic Disclosure for each installer that is being proposed for membership.

The certificate must be issued by:

The certificate:

  • Must include all pages; and
  • Must be dated within the last 23 months.



Whilst DBS Certificates do not have an expiry date, our Terms & Conditions state that certificates must not be older than 2 years and therefore we will request an updated DBS certificate on each 2 year anniversary from the issue date.


DBS process times are approximately 2-3 weeks currently. We suggest you make your application to DBS at the same time as making your application to us.

Disclosure Scotland:

We do accept certificates issued by Disclosure Scotland until December 2019. Thereafter we will only accept certificates issued by Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS).

Public Liability Insurance Documents
Applicants are required to submit documentation relating to Public Liability Insurance.

The document must include the following information:

  • Your name or company name
  • Your address or company address
  • The policy number
  • The policy expiry date
  • The words ‘public liability’ and
  • Indemnity cover no less than £2m
  • The business activity relevant to your trade

BiKBBI Insurance Services

Applicants can apply for a free, no obligation quote by clicking here.

For more information about our insurance requirement, read our guide.

Electrical Safety Credentials
All applicants must supply credentials in relation to electrical safety.

The document we will need to see:

  • Registration Certificate to an Electrical Body.

The document can be:

  • The applicants; or
  • The applicants nominated sub-contractor

Registration Body’s we accept:

  • ECA


Gas Safety Credentials (Kitchen applicants only)
kitchen applicants must supply credentials in relation to gas safety.

The documents we will need to see:

  • Registration Certificate issued by Gas Safe Register; and
  • The Gas Safe Register ID card (FRONT); and
  • The Gas Safe Register ID card (BACK).

The document can be:

  • The applicants; or
  • The applicants nominated sub-contractor


Asbestos Awareness Certificate
The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) requires those who carry out refurbishment projects within domestic properties (constructed pre-2000) to have a level of Asbestos Awareness.

Applicants must supply:

  • A UKATA approved certificate of Asbestos Awareness dated within the last 12 months.

A discounted online Asbestos Awareness Certificate is available to BiKBBI applicants. Visit our partners at Central Compliance UK.

In addition to the submission of documentation, applicants must agree to a number of additional points:

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