Preparing for installation

Prepare for your installers arrival


A kitchen installation usually takes around a week, depending on the complexity of product and the type / amount of preparatory work needed before the install.


  • Where will you store your kitchen contents & equipment?
  • Can you set up a makeshift kitchen elsewhere in the house?
  • Have you organised eating and drinking provisions during the install?


Bedroom installations are usually far quicker experiences. A normal fitted bedroom, even with complex product, takes between 2-3 days. That said, the bedroom is an important place, so planning is crucial.


  • Where will you store clothes?
  • Will you be without a place to sleep?


Bathrooms are well worth considering, especially if you live in a property that that has only one. Cloakroom and en-suites may do the job, but what happens if you don’t have the option?


  • Bathing / washing and grooming?
  • The loo… don’t forget the loo!
  • What about cleaning those teeth?

And how about generally?

Are there vulnerable occupants? The young, elderly relatives or those with special needs?

Don’t forget the neighbours! Make them aware that you’re modernising and warn them of potential disruption.

It’s a load of old rubbish! Well, the waste from your project needs to go somewhere. Make provisions.

During the installation…