Press Releases

2021 Press Releases

Benchmarx, part of the Travis Perkins PLC group of businesses, has this month pledged it’s support to BiKBBI by becoming the latest Corporate Sponsor to join the ranks.

BiKBBI is delighted to announce that Omega PLC, the UK’s leading furniture supplier to independent kitchen specialists, have joined forces with the BiKBBI as the latest corporate sponsor in a long-term partnership.

BiKBBI has announced that the call for entries for the KBB Installation Awards is now open.

BiKBBI has welcomed today’s news of new investment in skills training and apprenticeships, but warned the Government to ensure that it supports trades facing the biggest skills gaps.

The British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installation (BiKBBI) is to offer installers easy and affordable access to apprentices with a ground-breaking employer package for the new Apprenticeship programme.

The British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installation (BiKBBI) is to offer installers easy and affordable access to apprentices with a ground-breaking employer package for the new Apprenticeship programme.

A survey conducted this month concludes that installers are unclear who is responsible for safely disposing of environmentally harmful appliances and struggle with costs of taking goods to approved recycling sites.

The British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installation (BiKBBI) is delighted to confirm that Michelle Daniels joins the senior management team as Director of Marketing & Communication this week.

BiKBBI has issued a warning that the current shortage of workers could be a long term reality for the home improvement industry.

BiKBBI have confirmed that it will be hosting its own awards event following their Parliamentary Conference in February.

PRESS RELEASE: BiKBBI welcomes Formica Group (Released: 18/08/2021)
International surfacing solution brand Formica Group joins BiKBBI as a Sponsor.

PRESS RELEASE: Foyne Jones shows support for BiKBBI (Released: 27/07/2021)
KBB recruitment firm Foyne Jones, has this week shown support for BiKBBI as a Sponsor.

PRESS RELEASE: ‘Pingdemic’ causes chaos (Released: 26/07/2021)
New evidence shows that thousands of home improvement jobs have been cancelled becuase of the ‘pingdemic’.

PRESS RELEASE: Tradespeople urged to remain cautious (Released: 13/07/2021)
BiKBBI CEO, Damian Walters calls for the industry to approach the relaxation of Covid restrictions with “extreme caution”.

PRESS RELEASE: Mereway unveiled as the latest sponsor of BiKBBI (Released: 25/06/2021)
Furniture manufacturer, Trend Interiors (part of the Mereway Group) have become the latest brand to support the Organisation.

PRESS RELEASE: Graham the Plumbers Merchant welcomed to the BiKBBI family (Released: 10/06/2021)
BiKBBI announced Graham as the lastest Corporate Sponsor today, as the family begins to grow.

PRESS RELEASE: BiKBBI confirm plans for its Annual Conference & Awards 2022 (Released: 27/05/2021)
BiKBBI and its Parton Stephen Metcalfe MP, have confirmed that the Organisation will be hosting the Annual Conference & Awards in February 2022.

PRESS RELEASE: The Institue welcomes Titus as the newest Sponsor (Released: 05/05/2021)
Titus joins BiKBBI as the newest Corporate Sponosr this month as the Institute continues to grow its reach into industry manufacturers.

PRESS RELEASE: BiKBBI survey reveals stark scale of installer skills gap (Released: 26/04/2021)
BiKBBI warn the KBB industry to act quickly to avoid a dramatic shortfall in skilled installers over the coming 10 years after 3000 installers completed a survey in March.

PRESS RELEASE: Briefing Paper – Implications of UK Supreme Court ruling on Uber driver employment status for KBB retailers and installers (Released: 29/03/2021)
The briefing paper relates to a recent Supreme Court ruling between the subcontracted driver workforce and the business they work for / with, Uber.

PRESS RELEASE: KBB Retailers risk being hit with wave of employment tribunals following Uber ruling (Released: 29/03/2021)
BiKBBI warns that the model of subcontracting installers to fit new kitchens, bedrooms & bathrooms will now come under scrutiny.

PRESS RELEASE: BiKBBI Pre-Budget 2021 Statement (Released: 25/02/2021)
BiKBBI calls for the Chancellor to introduce radical support for tradespeople and independent retailers ahead of the 2021 budget.

PRESS RELEASE: Strategic consultant joins BiKBBI board (Released: 23/02/2021)
The institute today announced the appointment of strategic consultant Mark Fuller to the advisory board with immediate effect.

PRESS RELEASE: Warning to Government as England exits lockdown (Released: 22/02/2021)
BiKBBI CEO warns Government not to ignore tradespeople and independent retailers as the UK opens up for business.

PRESS RELEASE: Quooker unveiled as latest Corporate Sponsor (Released: 19/01/2021)
BiKBBI unveiled Quooker and a huge boost for the KBB installation Apprenticeship initiative.

PRESS RELEASE: BiKBBI introduce daily COVID update for tradespeople (Released: 11/01/2021)
A new tool was introduced to the industry, which provides clarity to tradespeople in the UK in relation to COVID restrictions.

2020 Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE: My Bathrooms join BiKBBI (Released: 21/12/2020)
Bathroom and wetroom specialist my-bathrooms become a Corporate Sponsor.

PRESS RELEASE: Buildbase become Retail Installation Standards Partner (Released: 17/12/2020)
National kitchen & bathroom showrooms offer the Protected installation service from 1st January.

PRESS RELEASE: AO unveiled as latest big brand Sponsor (Released: 15/12/2020)
Appliance distributer AO champion BiKBBI objectives.

PRESS RELEASE: The Range become latest Retail Partner (Released: 11/12/2020)
BiKBBI announce homeware giant as strategic partner.

PRESS RELEASE: Anthill Software become BiKBBI sponsor (Released: 03/12/2020)
Industry CRM software company Anthill become a Corporate Sponsor.

PRESS RELEASE: BiKBBI Confirm Charlton Sponsorship (Released: 16/09/2020)
BiKBBI confirm third year sponsorship of Charlton Athletic Women FC.

PRESS RELEASE: Apprenticeship call to action (Released: 09/09/2020)
BiKBBI CEO calls for industry to back plans for Apprenticeships.

PRESS RELEASE: MALMO confirmed as latest sponsor (Released: 28/08/2020)
Malmo confirmed as the latest big brand to sponsor BiKBBI and its objectives.

PRESS RELEASE: BiKBBI join FIESTA (Released: 05/06/2020)
BiKBBI join The Furniture & Interiors Education, Skills & Training Alliance (FIESTA).

PRESS RELEASE: Coronavirus: Advice for Members (Released: 28/05/2020)
Advice and guidance for members.

PRESS RELEASE: Stress Matters (Released: 07/05/2020)
BiKBBI partner mental wellbeing organisation during times of global crisis.

PRESS RELEASE: Used Kitchen Exchange Partnership announced (Released: 04/05/2020)
Used Kitchen Exchange join BiKBBI’s Retail Installation Standards Partnership.

PRESS RELEASE: Victoria Plum enter installation market (Released: 29/04/2020)
Online bathroom giant launch national installation service and partners BiKBBI.

PRESS RELEASE: BiKBBI sign Armed Forces Covenant (Released: 03/04/2020)
Raised support for the Armed Forces Community as BiKBBI tackles skills shortage.

PRESS RELEASE: Coronavirus Support Package Announced (Released: 31/03/2020)
BiKBBI Confirm details of government plans to support tradespeople throughout pandemic.

PRESS RELEASE: Coronavirus: BiKBBI Statement (Released: 12/03/2020)
CEO Damian Walters addresses the industry as the UK plans national lockdown.

PRESS RELEASE: BiKBBI deliver FREE online training during lockdown (Released: 05/03/2020)
Raised support for the industry as the UK faces months of national virus lockdown.

PRESS RELEASE: New BiKBBI Campus launched (Released: 03/03/2020)
BiKBBI unveil their new online training platform in association with Cortexa.

PRESS RELEASE: BREXIT: Letter to the Prime Minister (Released: 20/02/2020)
BiKBBI CEO writes to PM over immigration concerns following planned Brexit in 2021.

PRESS RELEASE: Get on the bus. BiKBBI targets independents (Released: 17/02/2020)
The Institute confirms its plans for KBB Birmingham in relation to their target of independent retailers.

PRESS RELEASE: KBB Birmingham Programme (Released: 12/02/2020)
BiKBBI plan to drive an iconic double decker London bus into the NEC Birmingham!

PRESS RELEASE: Showerwall become BiKBBI sponsor (Released: 10/02/2020)
Innovative alternative solution to tiling company backs BiKBBI via Corporate Sponsorship.

PRESS RELEASE: French tech company Dassault join BiKBBI (Released: 05/02/2020)
French CAD company Dassault Syetémes join BiKBBI as they target installers.

PRESS RELEASE: Victoria Plum Trade Become BiKBBI Sponsor (Released: 20/01/2020)
Bathroom giant Victoria Plum Trade sponsor BiKBBI.

2019 Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE: BiKBBI become Trading Standards partner (Released: 19/12/2019)
BiKBBI becomes a partner to Trading Standards.

PRESS RELEASE: Installer of the Year 2019 (Released: 29/11/2019)
BiKBBI unveil Installer of the Year 2019 at ek&bbusiness Awards.

PRESS RELEASE: Worktop Express become latest sponsor (Released: 20/11/2019)
BiKBBI welcomes Worktop Express as a new Corporate Member.

PRESS RELEASE: Yvonne Orgill joins the board (Released: 16/8/2019)
Former BMA CEO Yvonne Orgill joins BiKBBI Advisory Board.

PRESS RELEASE: MemberSafe initiative announced (Released: 19/7/2019)
New financial protection meansures introduced for members.

PRESS RELEASE: New support for military veterans (Released: 21/6/2019)
BiKBBI announce new support for military veterans ahead of Armed Forces Day 2019.

PRESS RELEASE: KBBG support the institute (Released: 13/6/19)
Kitchen buying giants join BiKBBI as latest corporate sponsor.

PRESS RELEASE: Compusoft become BiKBBI Sponsors (Released: 12/6/19)

Software giant Compusoft become latest high-profile sponsor.

PRESS RELEASE: BiKBBI unveil Leekes as latest ISP (Released: 17/5/19)
Leading independent department store Leekes become latest Installation Standard Partner.

PRESS RELEASE: BiKBBI welcome the Romans (Released: 10/5/19)
Shower manufacturer Roman unveiled as latest corporate sponsor.

PRESS RELEASE: Expressions of interest welcome (Released: 09/4/19)

BiKBBI welcome expressions of interest for its new Protected scheme.

PRESS RELEASE: Board strengthening continues (Released: 27/3/19)
Karen Stanley joins the Advisory Board with FD expertise.

PRESS RELEASE: BiKBBI strengthens board (Released: 18/03/19)
Jon Thelwell appointed as Advisory Board Member with commercial strategy responsibilities.

PRESS RELEASE: BiKBBI ‘protected’ introduced at Parliament (Released: 30/01/19)
New horizons for UK KBB industry unveiled at Annual Conference 2019.

PRESS RELEASE: Homebase becomes latest Retail Partner (Released: 30/01/19)
Great British retailer Homebase becomes latest Retail Installation Standards Partner

2018 Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE: New financial support for members (Released: 19/12/18)
BiKBBI team up with Funder Finder to support commercial funding for members.

PRESS RELEASE: 2019 Conference Confirmed (Released: 5/12/18)
BiKBBI confirm Conference at The Houses of Parliament in January.

PRESS RELEASE: Installer of the Year 2018 revealed (Released: 29/11/2018)
Liberty Fitting Service, Dundee Scotland, win Installer of the Year 2018.

PRESS RELEASE: New Apprenticeship Ambassador appointed (Released: 22/11/18)
Michael Burke joins BiKBBI to head its Apprenticeship programme.

PRESS RELEASE: BiKBBI gain HMRC Approval (Released: 14/11/18)
Great new cost saving benefit unveiled for members.

PRESS RELEASE: Clearabee become latest corporate sponsor (Released: 17/10/18)
Waste removal company Clearabee become the latest BiKBBI sponsor.

PRESS RELEASE: Best Installer Shortlist Announced (Released: 3/10/18)
BiKBBI confirm the shortlist of finalists for the Best Installer Award 2018.

PRESS RELEASE: Charlton Athletic Sponsorship (Released: 28/8/18)
BiKBBI confirmed as Principle Sponsors for Charlton Athletic Women’s Football Club.

PRESS RELEASE: Second Brand Ambassador appointed (Released: 25/6/18)
BiKBBI announce the appointment of its latest Regional Brand Ambassador Alan Grant.

PRESS RELEASE: BiKBBI Statement – B&Q Homefit (Released: 8/6/18)
BiKBBI respond to recent news from B&Q Homefit.

PRESS RELEASE: Sheridan join BiKBBI (Released: 3/5/18)
Sheridan Fabricators become BiKBBI members.

PRESS RELEASE: BiKBBI welcomes Education Officer (Released: 23/4/18)
Stephanie Gray focuses on the organisations education programme.

PRESS RELEASE: New tech available to BiKBBI members (Released: 13/4/18)
New Way International bring mobile tech to members in new corporate deal.

PRESS RELEASE: VitrA join impressive portfolio of sponsors (Released: 5/4/18)
Turkish bathroom manufacturer VitrA join as latest corporate member.

PRESS RELEASE: BiKBBI partners with Worldpay (Released: 27/3/18)
BiKBBI announce new partnership with leading global payment processor Worldpay.

PRESS RELEASE: BiKBBI launch Insurance Services (Released: 31/1/18)
BiKBBI launch new insurance service to member and non-member installation businesses.

PRESS RELEASE: Häfele become latest BiKBBI Corporate Member (Released: 31/1/18)
Häfele unveiled as latest Corporate Spopnsor.

2017 Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE: BiKBBI appoint first Regional Ambassador (Release 18/10/17)
BiKBBI appoint first Regional Ambassador Angela Smith.

PRESS RELEASE: Ideal Standard unveiled as latest BiKBBI Corporate Sponsor (Release 11/10/17)
Great British bathroom manufacturer Ideal Standard are unveiled as latest Corporate Sponsor.

PRESS RELEASE: New financial protection for BiKBBI members and their customers (Release 02/10/17)
The British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installation (BiKBBI), in partnership with

PRESS RELEASE: BiKBBI support Ideal Home Show 2018 (Release 21/7/17)
BiKBBI support the high-profile consumer exhibition in London & Manchester.

PRESS RELEASE: Aqualisa join impressive portfolio of Corporate Sponsors (Release 12/7/17)
British shower manufacturiung specialist supports BiKBBI.

PRESS RELEASE: Minister gives green light for KBB Apprenticeship (Release 14/2/17)
New KBB Trailblazer Apprenticeship approved for development.

PRESS RELEASE: Wilsonart become latest BiKBBI sponsor  (Release 27/1/17)
The global brand of Wilsonart become the latest industry giant to support the institute.

PRESS RELEASE: New strategic partnership with Age UK announced  (Release 16/1/17)
BiKBBI Support consumer champion to protect the elderly.

2016 Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE: Betta Living announcement: BiKBBI support announced (Release 7/11/16)
Uncertain times for installers as Betta Living announce administration.

PRESS RELEASE: A new British brand (Release 1/11/16)
Introducing the new BBiKBBI logo.

PRESS RELEASE: Institute unveils new name (Release 26/10/16)
The British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installation (BBiKBBI) is born.

PRESS RELEASE: Industry first CPD portal launched (Release 05/08/16)
The Institute launches an online training portal in conjunction with Trading Standards.

PRESS RELEASE: Institute CEO issues stark warning to industry (Release 05/08/16)
Damian Walters warns industry of pending skills gap crisis on the horizon.

PRESS RELEASE: New partnership supports Veterans charity (Release 19/07/16)
New initiative with Veterans Charity Care after Combat revealed at Parliament.

PRESS RELEASE: BiKBBI confirm Parliamentary line-up (Release
The BiKBBI confirm details of its Parliamentary reception event in July.

PRESS RELEASE: BiKBBI confirm latest strategic partnership (Released 10/06/16)
The BiKBBI confirm new partnership with The NICEIC & ELECSA.

PRESS RELEASE: HIPPO renew sponsorship (Released 19/05/16)
National waste solutions giant renews BiKBBI corporate sponsorship.

PRESS RELEASE: BiKBBI Brexit poll results (Released 12/04/16)
BiKBBI reveals a one-sided poll result as Britain head for EU referendum.

PRESS RELEASE: New charity partner confirmed (Released 29/03/16) 
BiKBBI become corporate members of The Furniture Makers Company.

PRESS RELEASE: BiKBBI strengthens board of directors (Released 29/03/16)
John Peerless and Vince Linnane joins the board with a wealth of experience.

PRESS RELEASE: BiKBBI launch Corporate Membership (Released 02/03/16)
BiKBBI launch new Corporate Membership at KBB Birmingham.

PRESS RELEASE: Symphony Group PLC unveiled as BiKBBI iSP (Released 05/01/16)
£180m KBB mega brand Symphony Groupl PLC become the lastest Installation Standards Partner. 

2015 Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE: BiKBBI and The Gas Safe Register partnership (Released 26/11/15)
Two leading organisations join forces to promote gas safety in the home.

PRESS RELEASE: BiKBBI unveils historic initiative (Released 20/10/15)
Apprenticeship initiative in partnership with PROCAT announced.

PRESS RELEASE: BiKBBI unveils major sponsorship deal (Released 13/7/15)
Retail giant Currys PC World become latest BiKBBI sponsor.

PRESS RELEASE: Omega PLC become latest Installations Partner (Released 26/6/15)
Kitchen heavyweight Omega PLC become BiKBBI partner.

PRESS RELEASE: National installation opportunities (Released 8/6/15)
The BiKBBI are looking for experienced installers for immediate work opportunities. 

PRESS RELEASE: BiKBBI & Consumer Champion WHICH? collaborate (Released 24/4/15)
Exciting new relationship with WHICH? Trusted Traders unveiled.

PRESS RELEASE: BiKBBI announce TFO strategic collaboration (Released 31/3/15)
New relationship announced with The Furniture Ombudsman (TFO)

PRESS RELEASE: Innovative software for members unveiled (Released 30/1/15)
The BiKBBI co-develop new software exclusively for members

PRESS RELEASE: BiKBBI welcomes first female member (Released: 15/1/15)
Pamella Edwards makes history as the first female to achieve institute accreditation.

PRESS RELEASE: Consultation Panel strengthened (Released: 6/1/15)
Industry experts Ian Hayes & Mike Barratt join the panel.

2014 Press Releases

BiKBBI Manifesto 2015: (Released 18/12/2014)
BiKBBI plans for 2015 revealed.

PRESS RELEASE: New website unveiled (Released: 1/12/14)
BiKBBI launch new interactive website.

PRESS RELEASE: BiKBBI co-deveop life-saving asbestos training (Released 13/5/14)
New online training developed for members.

PRESS RELEASE: New feature for BiKBBI website  (Released 27/2/14)
BiKBBI and online news hub KBBDaily team up to spread the word.
PRESS RELEASE: IRG sponsorship confirmed  (Released 5/2/14)
Insight Retail Group (IRG) confirm sponsorship of The BiKBBI.

2013 Press Releases

ANNUAL REVIEW 2013  (Released 11/12/13)
A look back at some of the highlights of 2013 & forward to 2014.

PRESS RELEASE: Tradepoint confirmed as latest sponsor (Released 1/10/13)
Tools and materials giant tradepoint confirms 3-year-deal.

PRESS RELEASE: High profile support announced  (Released 1/10/13)
Stephen Metcalfe MP announced as next high profile patron of The BiKBBI.

PRESS RELEASE: UKSR renew sponsorship (Released 22/8/13)
Industry specialist insurer UK Special Risks renew BiKBBI sponsorship this week.

PRESS RELEASE: FESTOOL become BiKBBI Sponsors (Released 27/6/13)
German tool giants support UK institute.

PRESS RELEASE: Hippo agree sponsorship (Released 21/5/13)
National waste solutions provider Hippo agree a 3 year BiKBBI sponsorship deal.

PRESS RELEASE: B&Q announced as partners (Released 21/5/13)
B&Q become Installation Standards Partners.

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